Belt Weighing

Flow control and totalisation on a conveyor belt

SCAIME offers controllers for belt scales and belt dosers. Easy to integrate into automated systems, they offer complete totalisation and flow-regulation functions.


Continuous totalisation and flow control with the eNod4-B

SCAIME has developed the eNod4-B, a powerful and scalable weighing controller, equipped with an application for belt scales.


Continuous totaliser functions:

  • Determination of belt speed and
    integration of weight by unit of length
  • Flow calculation and totalisation of quantity
    of product being conveyed on the belt
  • Load cycle management on attainment
    of a totalised weight setpoint

Belt doser functions:

  • Supervision of hourly flow according to
    the programmed target, by PID adjustment
  • Function for automatic adjustment of
    PID parameters by self-learning
  Belt Weighing

eNodView software

eNodView enables the configuration and calibration of all
products in the DVX/DVS or eNod range. It is also a powerful
program for signal acquisition and analysis, offering:

  • temporal and frequential graphic visualisation of the signal,
  • simulation and configuration of digital filters,
  • graphic visualisation of flow and PID control output.

    Plant engineering, machine control      |          Belt scales, Weigh belt feeders
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